OptiTune v4.9 Released, adds Prepackaged Tasks for rapidly deploying popular applications

We are pleased to announce the release of OptiTune Version 4.9

OptiTune V4.9 adds the following new features and updates:

  • Prepackaged Tasks – Packaging a single application for deployment can take a significant time investment, from a few hours to a few days.  With prepackaged tasks, you can deploy popular applications almost instantly by importing applications that have been professionally packaged by Bravura Software’s support engineers. 

    To request additional applications, please email us, or visit the support forums.

    Some of the applications available to deploy right away include:

    • Google Chrome (32-bit and 64-bit versions)
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • 7 Zip
    • WinRAR
    • Libre Office

OptiTune v4.8 Released, adds Cloud Storage and CDN distribution of installer packages and other files

We are pleased to announce the release of OptiTune Version 4.8

OptiTune V4.8 is a major update, and adds the following new features and updates:

  • Cloud Storage – Previously, when creating a new Install Task, the user needed to upload the installation package file (.bvx) to their own local file server, https webserver, or cloud service (Amazon S3, Azure Storage, etc…).  With the new release, each organization in OptiTune is granted a 5 GB storage account and can upload installer packages directly in the OptiTune management website.  Files of up to 16 GB in size are supported.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) Delivery – Now, when an installation package is deployed through OptiTune, it will be delivered through a global CDN with over 44 unique geographic locations worldwide.  This allows the fastest possible download speeds for the OptiTune agents to retrieve installation packages and install applications on managed computers.
  • Cloud File Management – From the “Server Settings” > “Cloud Storage” page, a listing of all uploaded files is displayed, along with total storage usage.  The user can upload or delete additional files as long as the storage quota is not exceeded.  Each file can also be downloaded using a unique URL.
  • Cloud Storage Quota – Each organization is granted a 5 GB cloud storage quota, including free/trial accounts.  To request an increase in your organization’s storage quota, please email us at customer_support@bravurasoftware.com.  Additional charges may apply.
  • Installer Task Updates – The install task page was revised with the following changes:
    • Unencrypted .bvx packages – You no longer need to encrypt “.bvx” files when creating an install task, so they can be reused across different organizations in OptiTune.  When creating a “.bvx” file using the Package Wizard, leave the “account certificate” field blank to create an unencrypted package.
    • Unpackaged Installer Support – If the application’s installer is available as a single file, you can upload it directly in the Install Task page, or reference the URL from which the installer is available to save on your storage quota usage.  Both .exe and .msi based installers are supported.
    • Installer Upload – Upload the installer package (.bvx) or file (.exe or .msi) directly in the Install Task page.
  • Script Task Updates – The script task page was revised to allow the user to upload companion package files directly in the page, with the size limit increased from 50MB to 5GB.  Unencrypted .bvx packages are also supported.  Each time a script is executed on a managed computer, the companion package file is downloaded and extracted into the script’s directory before the script is executed.
  • Improved MSI installer support – Some issues in the OptiTune agent were fixed which prevented the direct installation of a 32-bit .msi file on 64-bit systems under some conditions.

OptiTune v4.7.1 Released, adds worldwide relay servers for better Remote Connect performance

We are pleased to announce the release of OptiTune Version 4.7.1

OptiTune V4.7.1 adds the following new features and updates:

  • Auto Select Relay Server – When you initiate a “Remote Connect” or “Remote Assistance” connection to control a remote computer, a relay server is chosen based on the destination computer’s geographic location (country/region).  You can also choose to manually specify a relay server for a given group of computers.

    There are 11 worldwide datacenters to help reduce connection latency.  They include:

    • USA West (California)
    • USA West 2 (Washington)
    • USA East (Virginia)
    • USA North Central (Illinois)
    • USA South Central (Texas)
    • Canada (Toronto)
    • United Kingdom (London)
    • Western Europe (Amsterdam)
    • Southeast Asia (Singapore)
    • East Asia (Hong Kong)
    • South America (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

OptiTune Version 4.7 Released, adds two factor authentication and auditing

We are pleased to announce the release of OptiTune Version 4.7.

OptiTune V4.7 adds the following new features and updates:

  • Two Factor Authentication – When logging in, your OptiTune user account can be authenticated by either a password, or a combination of a password or code that is sent by text message to your phone, or email.
  • Auditing – All user actions inside OptiTune are now audited, including the IP Address, web browser, page path, and changes to all configuration data.
  • Performance Improvements – Console page load times have been improved especially for larger organizations with over 3000 computers.
  • SMS Alerts – Configuring SMS alerts no longer requires the mobile phone provider, only the mobile phone number.

OptiTune Version 4.6 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of OptiTune Version 4.6.

OptiTune V4.6 adds the following new features and updates:

  • Account Group Restrictions – OptiTune user accounts can now be restricted to only operate on and see the computers in a specific group.  This is useful for the Managed Service Provider (MSP) scenario where an MSP wants to give each customer read only access to OptiTune, and needs to limit each customer’s user account to only access their computers.  It is also useful for larger companies that have multiple IT administrators in charge of their own areas or regions.
  • Windows 10, Windows Sever 2016 Support – Support was added to the OptiTune agent for detecting Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 when installing applications or running scripts.
  • Performance Improvements – Numerous performance improvements were added to increase the responsiveness of the management console, especially for larger organizations.

OptiTune Version 4.0 Released, adds Remote Connect Feature and more

We are pleased to announce the release of OptiTune Version 4.0.

OptiTune V4.0 adds the following new features and updates:

  • Remote Connect – Connect to any computer in your organization that is connected to the internet, and control its desktop with your keyboard and mouse.  This was our most frequently requested feature by customers. 
    • To try it out, go to the Computer Details page, and click on “Remote Connect”, or go to Remote Support > Computers.
    • It doesn’t matter if the computer is behind a firewall, as long as it has outgoing HTTPS access. 
    • You can also transfer files to/from the remote computer using Tools > File Transfer menu option from the Remote Connect software menu. 
    • Note that this feature is new, and different from the existing Remote Assistance feature, where an end user makes a request for remote assistance through the OptiTune Support Center.
  • Organization Structure – Define a hierarchy which accurately reflects your organizational structure, as it relates to your IT assets and computers.  You can define a hierarchy of Departments, Sites, Companies, and Customers.  This feature makes it easier to manage thousands of computers that may belong to different companies, internal departments, or physical locations.  It’s also quite useful for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that manage many different customers, all from the same OptiTune organization. 
  • Group Membership Rules – Now, instead of manually assigning computers to a group, you can define group membership rules to automatically include computers in a group.  You can define membership rules to match the following types of information associated with a computer:
    • Client ID
    • Computer Type (desktop, laptop, server)
    • OS Version
    • Windows Install Date
    • Total Physical Memory
    • Domain Name
    • Computer Name
    • System Manufacturer
    • System Model
    • Processor
    • Hard Drive
    • Video Card
    • Application Exists
    • Malware Protection
    • Malware Threat Status
  • Customized Agent Installer – For an end user friendly installer that is fully customizable with your own branding, company name, and logos, you can generate a custom installer which will install the OptiTune agent on a computer.  You can even change the application name and publisher name, so the user won’t even know you are using OptiTune, and will only see your branding information.

    With the “clientid” parameter, you can now automatically associate a computer with a specific group.  For example, you could have one agent installer that you would give to your accounting department, and a different installer that you could give to your sales department, and these computers will automatically show up in the correct group.

    You can customize the following details of the installer:

    • Application Name
    • Publisher Name
    • Installer Icon (used by the installer, and the Add/Remove Programs entry)
    • Installer Background image
    • End User License Agreement (EULA)
    • Post Install application (run an executable you provide after the OptiTune agent is installed)

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