Tuesday, May 30, 2017

OptiTune v5.2 Released, adds File Transfer tool and refined Remote Assistance, other fixes

We are pleased to announce the release of OptiTune Version 5.2

OptiTune V5.2 adds the following new features and updates:
  • File Transfer - Use the File Transfer tool to manually transfer files between your IT administrator's computer, and any managed computer.  Optionally, notify the end user when the IT administrator initiates a file transfer session.  This new tool is available on the Computer Details page, and internally uses the Remote Connect technology built into OptiTune.
  • Windows Update Group Policy Settings - Control the Windows Automatic Update agent (WUA) built into windows through settings defined in OptiTune.  Manage settings for Windows 10's "Delivery Optimization" P2P service, to control how Windows 10 updates are delivered.
  • Agent Polling Refinements - The OptiTune agent polls the management server at predefined intervals, based on the administrator's activity level and usage of the management server.  These polling times have decreased for better responsiveness.
  • Remote Assistance Improvements - The remote assistance feature in OptiTune now uses the same technology as Remote Connect, so when a user creates a Remote Assistance request, the administrator can connect to the computer even if the request has been closed by the end user, and will be able to see any escalation prompts/logon screen, as was always the case with Remote Connect.


  1. BUYER BEWARE I placed an order for Easy Computer Sync - Software CD and Transfer Cable for 24.95 the last week of June 2017. It is July 7th and so far after many phone calls leaving messages and e-mails NOTHING no response no call back no e-mail, just an invoice with no shipping information. BUYER BEWARE- This is NOT THE WAY TO RUN a BUSINESS. I Plan to get the BBB Involved if I continue to be ignored.

    1. I got an honest response admitting that they dropped the ball with an apology, they we're also out of stock and refunded my purchase.