Easy Computer Sync v1.5 Released – Adds Drag and Drop

We are excited to announce the release of Easy Computer Sync v1.5.  With this release, you can now drag and drop files and folders between computers, using the high transfer speeds of the USB 2.0 Easy Transfer Cable.  This upgrade is provided free of charge to all of our customers.

To get the latest version, visit http://www.bravurasoftware.com/TryECS.htm  Or, if you already have Easy Computer Sync installed, you can get the update by going to Start Menu > All Programs > Easy Computer Sync > Get Updates

To access the drag and drop feature, just go through Easy Computer Sync as you normally would.  When you get to the selection screen, hit the Drag and Drop Files button in the lower left corner.

This will bring up the screen shown above.  From here you can drag and drop files and folders between computers.  The top portion represents the computer you are currently on, and the bottom portion shows the connected computer.  Simply drag and drop files and folders to start the transfer between your computers.

You can then return to the synchronization screen by hitting Return to Sync, or just close the window to close the application.