OptiTune v7.0 Released, Adds macOS Agent, usability improvements, refined search, and more

We are pleased to announce the release of OptiTune Version 7.0

OptiTune v7.0 adds the following new features and updates:

  • macOS Agent – A new macOS agent was added. You can now manage macOS computers with OptiTune. The macOS agent supports the following features:
    • Hardware Inventory
    • Software Inventory
    • Local User Information
    • Geo Location
    • Agent Telemetry
    • Agent Auto Update
    • Run macOS Shell (Bash) Scripts
    • Deploy macOS applications
    • Basic Alerting (computer disconnected, application installed, etc…)
  • Usability Improvements – Several usability improvements were made, including:
    • How computers are added/removed to groups
    • The ability to deploy a task to multiple computers or groups at once.
  • Refined Search – Many pages in OptiTune now support searching. You can search and filter on the computers listing pages, groups pages, deployment pages, application summary page, etc… Also, when selecting a computer or group in the computer/group picker, you can search for computers or groups for quicker selection.
  • Other Features:
    • A new group membership rule for “OS Type” was added, so you can automatically assign Windows or macOS computers to a group.
    • In OptiTune Remote Connect, a new command to “Type Clipboard Text” was added, so you can copy/type in areas which won’t work with a conventional clipboard paste command. You can now copy/type a windows account password in the windows login screen, for example.
    • Remote Command Prompt and Remote PowerShell will now accept the “paste” command. So, instead of having to type in long commands manually, you can copy/paste them into these remote tools.
    • When using OptiTune Remote Connect, on the computer you are connecting FROM, you can set RC_FULLNAME and RC_USERNAME environment variables to override the user name or full name displayed to an end user.
  • Other Fixes:
    • The HaloPSA integration will now let you specify an authentication server in addition to a resource server. This is needed if you are using a trial instance of HaloPSA.
    • If your HaloPSA instance contained thousands of customers, the integration page in OptiTune could take a few minutes to load, this is now fixed.
    • When removing a static member of a group, it will also remove it from all descendant groups
    • The computers search page will now search network MAC addresses and installed applications.
    • Fixed a problem with deleting groups with no associated business entity. Occasionally you would see an error message when deleting groups like this.