OptiTune v5.9 Released, adds Realtime Agent Telemetry, Revised Login Experience

We are pleased to announce the release of OptiTune Version 5.9

OptiTune V5.9 adds the following new features and updates:

  • OptiTune Agent Telemetry – The OptiTune agent now sends back detailed status information to the management server, which you can view in the computer details page under the “Agent Status” section. If you have ever wondered what exactly the OptiTune agent is doing at any time, you can now see detailed status information updated in real time. Agent Status items include:
    • Connection State (Connected, Disconnected)
    • Last Agent Activity (Started, Running Task, Idle, Sleeping, Resumed, Shutdown, etc…)
    • Polling Interval
    • Work Queue Information – shows all work queues that the agent is processing, including the main work queue and four realtime queues. Now you can see exactly which tasks the agent is executing in real time, and their results without going to the deployment history page.
    • Agent Log – shows the last 1000 lines in the OptiTune agent log
  • Updated Login Experience – Revised the layout and style of the entry pages to the management server. The login, registration, and welcome pages were all revised. They use a new responsive design which works better on mobile devices.