OptiTune v6.4 Released, adds Multi-Monitor support, Free Remote Connect Access for End Users

We are pleased to announce the release of OptiTune Version 6.4

OptiTune V6.4 adds the following new features and updates:

  • Multi-Monitor Support in Remote Connect – OptiTune now lets you view and interact with any remote monitor during a Remote Connect session. By default, it will show the primary remote monitor, but you can also view all monitors at once, or any other remote monitor. As with the rest of OptiTune, it works on Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019, as well as operating systems all the way back to Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 R2.
  • Free Remote Connect Access for End Users – With more and more workers working from home, we’ve received many requests to allow end users to use OptiTune Remote Connect to connect to their own computers. Normally, administrators use it to provide remote assistance to end users, or connect to a server. Now, you can create a “Remote Access” user type which is restricted to only using Remote Connect on a single computer, or group of computers you designate. This is included at no extra charge. Full auditing and monitoring comes standard, so you can see which users are using this feature.
  • Streamlined Connection Experience – After installing the updated Remote Connect client software, when you initiate a remote connection to a computer you will no longer be prompted to download an “.otc” connection file, rather the browser will prompt you to open OptiTune Remote Connect immediately (by using a custom URL scheme).
  • File Transfer Improvements – When using the file transfer feature in Remote Connect, you can now view all removable drives, CD/DVD drives, and network drives on your computer and the connected computer. The time it takes to move around the remote file system was also improved on networks with high latency.
  • New Monitoring Event Types – You can now receive alerts when an administrator or end user uses OptiTune Remote Connect, as well as the Remote Command Prompt, Task Manager, PowerShell, or System Services Tools.
  • Remote Connect Performance Improvements – The Remote Connect frame rate has significantly increased (up to 120 fps in some cases), as well as the time it takes to establish a connection. You can now connect to a computer on the local network in less than 1 second.