Easy Computer Sync v3.0 Released, now supports Thunderbolt PC to PC data transfer

We are pleased to announce the release of Easy Computer Sync v3.0. This release includes the following updates and improvements:

  • Thunderbolt PC to PC data transferEasy Computer Sync now supports transferring data between PCs using a single Thunderbolt cable. This works with Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4, or USB4. The Thunderbolt connection supports transfers at up to 20Gbps, with typical transfer speeds of 9Gbps (1,125 MB/s). In most cases, the limiting factor is the write speed of each computer’s SSD drive. Make sure to have the latest Intel Thunderbolt drivers installed on both PCs before connecting a supported thunderbolt cable.
  • Faster Transfer Speeds over USB 3.0 – Easy Computer Sync has dramatically improved performance when using a USB 3.0 Easy Transfer Cable, nearly tripling the transfer speeds over these types of cables from 75MB/s to 215MB/s.
  • Updated UI – The illustrations and icons in Easy Computer Sync were updated, and look sharper on higher DPI monitors.
  • Various bug fixes and other performance improvements.

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