OptiTune v6.3 Released, adds integration with CCleaner Business Edition, other improvements

We are pleased to announce the release of OptiTune Version 6.3

OptiTune V6.3 adds the following new features and updates:

  • CCleaner Business Edition Integration – OptiTune now includes an integration with CCleaner Business Edition. CCleaner is one of the most popular PC cleaning and optimization utilities, with over 2.5 billion downloads and 5 million installs per week.
    • Deploy – After purchasing a CCleaner Business Edition license, you can use OptiTune to deploy CCleaner to one or more groups of computers in OptiTune.
    • Configure – Select which cleanup items to run by default, exclude specific cookies, directories, or files from cleaning.
    • Run – Create a schedule for when to automatically run CCleaner, or run it anytime on demand, using the “Run CCleaner” system task.
    • Report – View how much data CCleaner has cleaned up each month, and see breakdowns by cleanup item type. You can also view detailed cleanup reports for any computer, and aggregate views for groups of computers.
  • New System Tasks – Previously many types of tasks were scheduled only through “Settings” in OptiTune. There was no easy way to run these tasks on demand, without modifying the schedule in the appropriate settings page. Now, you can run most tasks at any time, for a single computer or group of computers. New System Tasks include:
    • Check For Windows Updates – Checks for windows updates, and refreshes a computers available windows updates
    • Install Windows Updates – Installs all Mandatory and Important updates
    • Endpoint Protection Full Scan – If a supported antivirus product is installed, run a full scan and report the results
    • Endpoint Protection Quick Scan – If a supported antivirus product is installed, run a quick scan and report the results
    • Endpoint Protection Signature Update – If a supported antivirus product is installed, run a signature update and report the results
    • Refresh Computer Details – Immediately refresh the hardware, software, and endpoint protection information for a computer
    • Run CCleaner – If CCleaner Business Edition is installed, run it according to the existing configuration, and report the results
    • Notify User – You can now create your own system task to show a message box to the logged on user. This is useful if you want to show a message to many users about unscheduled downtime, etc…
  • Self Hosting Improvements – When self hosting the OptiTune Management Server, you can now configure the agent polling intervals in the web.config file.
  • Other Improvements – Other performance improvements were made throughout the management website.

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