OptiTune v6.7 Released, Adds Antivirus Integrations, Self Hosting Improvements

We are pleased to announce the release of OptiTune Version 6.7

OptiTune v6.7 adds the following new features and updates:

  • New Basic Antivirus Integration – OptiTune now integrates with Windows Security Center. This allows OptiTune to retrieve status information from almost all third party antivirus software. Previously, only Microsoft’s Windows Defender was supported, but now you can get status information and receive realtime alerts on the following items for any antivirus product:
    • Antivirus Signatures Out Of Date
    • Realtime Antivirus Disabled/Snoozed/Expired
    • Realtime Antispyware Disabled/Snoozed/Expired
    • Antivirus Scan Action Needed
    • Antivirus Settings Action Needed
    • Antivirus Updates Action Needed
  • Windows Defender Integration Improvements – The integration with Microsoft’s Windows Defender was improved. You can now receive real time alerts when any malware is detected, or when the realtime antivirus protection is disabled on a computer, along with other new alert types. This is in addition to the basic antivirus integration described above, which also applies to Windows Defender.
  • Improved Monitoring and Alerting – We’ve added or updated 6 new alert types in OptiTune, all of which are actively monitored and generated in realtime. The time it takes from the event occurring to an alert being generated is typically less than 60 seconds. Most of the alert types are configurable. The alert types include:
    • Malware Threat Found/Fixed
    • Endpoint Protection Monitoring Not Supported
    • Endpoint Protection Action Required
    • Endpoint Protection Signatures Out Of Date
    • Realtime Antispyware Enabled/Disabled
    • Realtime Antivirus Enabled/Disabled
  • Organization Hierarchy Improvements – In the organization hierarchy in OptiTune, you can now change the parent of any business entity. This lets you reorganize your hierarchy in OptiTune as needed, without having to delete and recreate items.
  • Self Hosting Improvements – For customers self hosting the OptiTune Management server, we’ve added the following improvements:
    • Auto Update Geo Location Data – The geo location data used to determine a computer’s physical location is now automatically updated once a month, or every day if the data is missing. You will no longer have to manually update this data.
    • Amazon S3 File Hosting – When hosting installation packages in the cloud, you can now use Amazon S3, or any S3 compatible hosting service for serving your files, in addition to Microsoft Azure.
  • New Relay Servers – We’ve added more relay servers globally, and new relay servers were added in the following geographic locations, to better facilitate OptiTune Remote Connect hosted connections in these regions:
    • Oslo, Norway
    • Iowa, USA
    • Florida, USA
    • Georgia, USA
    • New Jersey, USA
  • Other Improvements/Fixes
    • When establishing a hosted Remote Connect session using a relay server, if the default relay server is unavailable or overloaded, a backup relay server will be selected before the connection even starts.
    • When setting up an integration with MSP360 Backup, if the product name in MSP360 Backup contained punctuation marks, the integration would fail when trying to save the settings. Now, punctuation marks are properly supported in the backup agent file name.
    • When adding a computer to OptiTune for the first time, there was a delay of up to one hour before it would be assigned to any dynamic groups. This could create confusion for administrators. Now there is no delay, the dynamic group memberships are evaluated immediately for new computers.
    • In the REST API, the Agent State resource would not always return Agent State, with the agent’s log, queue state, etc… The Connection State resource did work however. The problem was fixed.

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